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Happy Solution was founded in 2013 by entrepreneurs who wanted to give smokers options - that smoking can be healthier, cleaner and more enjoyable. So far, Happy Solution has made millions of electronic cigarettes  and helped numerous to successfully substitute smoking with electronic cigarettes (ecigs), an alternative now approved ‘safer than smoking’ by Public Health England and ‘less harmful’ by FDA. 

Situated in Shenzhen, where the vast majority of the world's  ecigs are also made, Happy Solution continues to expand and recently acquired a facility designed to produce 3 million vape pens a year, expandable to 6 million if automation were established.

Looking forward, Happy Solution is devoted to making healthier products accessible and affordable to more and more smokers, ultimately accelerating the advent of Greener Earth, Healthier Mankind.



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No. 43 Minfu Road, Shajing, Shenzhen, China


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